This micro-Futuring workshop forcused on the futures associated with senior livingry including accomodation, universal design, sustainable design, policy and so on.


f3 is a film and TM based festival sharply focused on the theme of “futures”. It will include a comprehensive line-up of futures-oriented media productions.


This Production is a student-led pilot produced by 3rd year students at the University of Queensland’s School of Journalism and Communication

VR Simulation

VR is giving people experience through visual and tactile feelings. 3D website is an idea to tell our vision difficult to express by using usual 2D style website


Our projects involve writing and producing original stories about the future

OUR STORY : The TExT-TUBE concept grew from the academic work in Futures Studies, scenarios visualization and trans-media production by David L Wright (PhD), former Associate Professor, and Kosuke Mikawa (MA) a pioneering media student, whose passion for communicating about futures issues evolved into a start-up media production studio originally based at FUTURE UNIVERSITY HAKODATE in Japan. TExT-TUBE is unique as the world’s first dedicated to creating stories about the future by applying concepts, methods and tools deriving from Futures Studies. THE NEED : Despite our media and story saturated world and the numbers of science fiction stories and movies, few, in our opinion, embody the potential that futures-oriented storytelling holds. Our mission is to bring a whole new dimension of intelligence and depth to the craft of telling stories about our collective future/s through the strategic application of leading-edge and pioneering futures analytic tools. THIS WEB SITE : The projects featured in this website are in various stages of development from pre-viz to preliminary concept design through to fully completed.